So when did I open my wine?

Have you ever reached for a bottle of wine and you can’t quite remember when you opened it? You think it was the last few days, but just can’t be sure?

Now with Sipple you can savour every drop of wine you buy, our app lets you set how much wine is in an opened bottle, capture when you opened it and based on the oxidization of wine recommend the best time to drink your wine.

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  • Set the type of wine you are drinking.

    The app will keep track of the types of wines you are drinking or sinking.

  • Set how much wine is left in your bottle.

    The app will keep track of the wine in your bottle.

  • Set the opened date.

    The app will calculate how much life is left in your bottle.

  • Set the cost of the bottle.

    The app will calculate the value of the wine you are drinking or sinking.

Wine may not solve your problems, but neither will milk or water.

- Anonymous

  • All your opened wine in one place to review.

    The app will keep track of all your opened bottles and indicate when they are about to expire.

  • Swipe left to drink and right to sink.

    The app lets you finalise your bottle fast, by swiping left this indicates you have poured the rest of the bottle away, by swiping right you have finished the bottle.

  • By rating a bottle you are building a history of wines you can review at anytime.
  • Review your wine history will help you determine when is the optimal time to open a bottle and savour every drop.
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